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Our Range of Services

Additional services

TDC International prioritises customer satisfaction and has long-standing experience in assisting our customers with the successful execution and completion of their projects. Our services cover all stages of the project, from collaboration on initial design, product testing, and planning to logistics, handling, and other aspects of the construction phase. When necessary, our skilled team and certified staff can provide direct on-site assistance.

Our impeccable customer services and “zero-tolerance” philosophy provide our customers with reliability, repeatability, and stringent quality control, minimising coating failures and thus the occurrence of corrosion. We offer both internal product testing through our own laboratory in Germany and third-party testing capabilities.


We offer comprehensive logistics services and collaborate closely with our customers’ logistics team to ensure safe, efficient, and seamless product delivery to and from our facility in Trollenhagen, Germany. Our competent and knowledgeable logistics team is equipped to handle transportation by truck, train, or sea and utilises our own TDC rail transload facility or other nearby public transload facilities to provide delivery flexibility and enhance our supply chain capabilities.


We can provide storage solutions near our production location, should the construction site not be able to take immediate delivery. We have over 10’000sqm of pipe storage capacity ready to be deployed for the most demanding projects.

We don’t just provide the product. We deliver a complete service – from beginning to end.

Stefan WittkeSales Manager at TDC International

How We Work

  • Technology expertise in composite applications, in particular for the protection of pipelines
  • Design and engineering of products tailored to client requirements
  • Project management including logistics services
  • Rigorous quality management
  • Product testing and qualification
  • Large production capacity in controlled factory environment
  • Mobile field teams available when necessary
  • Continuous research & development to enhance customer solutions

Certificates & Standards

TDC Process Graphic EN 3

At our core, we believe in transparency, integrity, and collaboration. Throughout every project, our team ensures clear and open communication, keeping our clients informed every step of the way. With a holistic understanding of each project, often far beyond simply TDC product requirements, our approach covers all angles to deliver exceptional results and successful installations. Our products assist the pipeline and infrastructure industry to increase the long-term sustainability of their strategic assets while promoting lasting environmental protection.

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