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Innovative and Tailor-made Products and Services

We take pride in our “zero-tolerance” approach: the full integrity and failure-free installation of pipeline infrastructure is at the core of our efforts. We provide a project-focussed engineering support for our customers to understand the challenges for the pipeline installation and to provide our product solutions accordingly. Our typical clients can include infrastructure asset owners / operators (e.g. transmission pipeline operators), engineering companies, construction companies, steel mills and traders.

We place great importance on a first-class quality control protocol to ensure our manufacturing procedures and our final products adhere to the industry’s highest standards. Our years of industry expertise, proprietary methodologies, and ongoing R&D developments allow us to provide comprehensive tailored product and service offerings, which can assist in the preservation and extension of the life of infrastructure assets.

Using fibre reinforced materials, which are formulated proprietarily by TDC, we specialise in the fabrication of pipeline mechanical and corrosion protection systems, sewer and wastewater pipelines, and other tailor-made composite products customised to each project’s unique technical specifications. The design and production flexibility, mechanical strength, lightweight feature, and superior insulating properties make fibre reinforced materials optimal for numerous applications and industries.

We provide services ranging from assisting in the early-stage engineering and design discussions, and planning, to the later-stage project implementation aspects, including logistics, storage and handling. By being engaged throughout all major stages of a project, our team can support our clients with any on-going challenges.

Our Products

grp coated pipeline

Pipeline protection solutions – pau wrap®

pau wrap® provides an additional resilient protection system to the underlying pipeline, which is often comprised of steel pipes and an anti-corrosion layer. pau wrap® is commonly classified as a type of pipe coating, however with very different technical attributes. This line of products provides both mechanical and corrosion protection properties to the overall pipeline. Our solutions consist of protection for line pipes and their adjoining field joints, in both trenchless and open trench installations.

Pipeline solutions for wastewater – pau line®

Our sewer and wastewater solutions are designed for the rehabilitation and construction of wastewater systems and drainage lines. Depending on the engineering and technical requirements of the project, we are able to produce complete, custom-made, fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes at any dimension or profile production line. These non-steel pipes are rigid and provide high static stability.

Two engineered custom-made non-ciruclar pau line GRP pipes for wastewater

Our Additional Services

TDC employee quality checking stack of GRP protected pipes at port in Denmark for Baltic Pipe project scaled

Comprehensive engineering support for your projects

We provide a complete spectrum of services to complement our solutions, including advisory on engineering and design, and logistics. Our team can assist from the beginning conceptual phase of the project to the end construction and commissioning phases.

Logistics, handling and storage

We offer our customers the complete range of services required for road, rail or marine transportation of pipes to our production facility to be processed as well as subsequent delivery of our products to the infrastructure construction site.

We have our own TDC rail transload facility as well as access to public transload infrastructure in the vicinity of our German factory.

We can provide storage solutions near our production location, should the construction site not be able to take immediate delivery. We have over 10’000sqm of pipe storage capacity ready to be deployed for the most demanding projects.

Stack of various steel pipes protected with strong outer cladding at TDC International's factory in Germany

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