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Pipeline Protection System – pau wrap®

TDC International’s suite of pipe protection solutions and products, pau wrap®, offers superb integrity assurance and maximum protection for a wide range of pipeline installations. Designed to withstand very complex and extreme geological conditions and construction environments, it is a family of highly resilient, thermosetting, fibre-based composites.

pau wrap® products are applied as an external cladding to the pipeline, covering the entire outer surface of the steel pipes and the anti-corrosion coating. pau wrap® line pipe and field joint products can provide an integrated protection system, seamlessly forming one continuous outer shell for both open trench and trenchless pipeline installations. The factory-applied line pipe coating and field joint coating applied at the construction site on the welding joints between two segments of steel line pipes enhances the anti-corrosion quality and strengthens the stability of the exterior of the entire pipeline.

pau wrap® products are engineered to provide durable mechanical protection and anti-corrosion properties throughout the entire lifecycle of the pipeline from the initial logistics handling, transportation, and storage to construction and finally the operations phase. They ensure your pipelines are safeguarded against complex geology in the borehole, difficult drilling conditions, temperature variations, chemical exposure, and potential mechanical damages such as indentation, scratching, tearing, abrasive rocks, and other harsh conditions.

By utilising our customisable pau wrap® product range, we can assist pipeline operators with the possibility of extending the lifespan of their assets by minimising potential damages. pau wrap® reduces the risk of failures, costly repairs, rehabilitation, or even pipeline replacements during their operating life, promoting long-lasting and environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

Benefits of using pau wrap®

  • Impeccable track record and experience for 25+ years
  • Overall de-risking of the project and thus cost overruns
  • Protection of the anti-corrosion coating and providing additional anti-corrosion properties
  • No hinderance or interference to cathodic protection systems
  • Significantly reducing the probability of any coating failures from damages during installation
  • State of the art production facility guaranteeing consistent quality control and optimised delivery time
  • Fast and efficient logistics management at competitive costs
  • Extends the lifespan of the pipeline

pau wrap® protects against

  • Abrasion
  • Indentation
  • Incisions and scratching
  • Physical force during transportation and handling
  • Corrosion factors, e.g. electrolytes
  • UV and other chemical and environmental factors
  • Clamping or other outside pressure either from construction equipment or soil geology
  • Harsh geological stratigraphy
  • Backfill materials in open trench

Line pipe protection system:

Our line pipe protection products are factory-applied and designed to safeguard from mechanical and corrosion damages.


HDD Installation of pau wrap coated pipeline Foto © Vorarlberg netz Stiplovsek Dietmar

pau wrap® TL: Line pipe protection for trenchless installations such as HDD, Direct Pipe®, pipe jacking, auger boring, microtunnels, etc.

20191122 125520 scaled

pau wrap® Spacers: Spacers for trenchless installation by microtunnels or casing pipes

Pipeline with pau wrap OT product in a trench half covered with rocky backfill material

pau wrap® OT: Line pipe protection for open trench installations or above ground applications

Field joint protection system:

Our field joint protection system applied on site provides robust, reliable mechanical protection to the welding seams and is fully compatible with pau wrap® line pipe products.


Trenchless & Open Trench Installation

Field joint protection system

pau wrap® FJC: Field joint protection systems for trenchless and open trench installations, repair and rehabilitation works and certain above-ground installations

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