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pau wrap® FJC

The welding connection between two pipes, or field joints, are often the most vulnerable part in a pipeline and are sometimes the most overlooked aspect of the total coating system. pau wrap® FJC, TDC’s field joint coating product, is fully compatible to our line pipe products and allows the whole pipeline segment to be homogenously protected by our proprietary fibre-based composites. Just like pau wrap® for line pipes, pau wrap® FJC serves as protection to the anti-corrosion field joint coating right above the welding seams and minimises the vulnerability of the joint.

Similarly, pau wrap® FJC offers continuous superior protection to abrasion, gauging, corrosion, physical force, chemicals or other substances encountered in the borehole, withstanding harsh geological conditions while mitigating electrolytes and other foreign materials from contacting the steel surface. Our field joint products have been used in conjunction with our line pipe products through and through, ensuring successful crossings and installations in complex situations.

pau wrap® FJC can be used reliably with a wide variety of other types of pipe coatings, however it is highly recommended for optimal performance to be used with our factory applied line pipe products, pau wrap® TL and pau wrap® OT. Using the same outer cladding protection system for both line pipes and field joints ensures the integrity of the pipe coating continuously and the overall pipeline protection.

  • Made of customisable composite
  • Applied on site by certified applicators, trained, certified and audited by TDC for quality assurance
  • For any pipeline installation methods
  • Application on top of most customary anti-corrosion coatings
  • Extreme mechanical protection


TDC is able to perform the field joint application on-site by our own qualified and certified team. Or alternatively, we can provide strategic application partners, which we work with to provide our product, training, certification and ongoing monitoring. Complete field joint coating services are offered from initial steel preparation around the welds, to the application of anti-corrosion field joint coatings, and finally to the application of our pau wrap® FJC solution. pau wrap® FJC is compatible with most customary anti-corrosion field joint coating chosen by the client.


  • Superior strength and hardness
  • Compatibility and high adhesion to factory applied pau wrap® line pipe mechanical protection
  • High elongation at break
  • High resistance to mechanical stresses during the pipeline construction
  • Quick application at site for expedited installation
  • No hinderance or interference to cathodic protection systems
  • Compatible with most common anti-corrosion field joint coating systems:
    • Polyethylene shrink sleeves
    • Rubber butyl tapes
    • Polypropylene (PP) systems
    • Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE)
    • Polyurethane (PU) systems
  • Can be applied on any pipe size

Certificates & Standards

Our qualified and trained applicators inspect the field joints in accordance with our strict Quality Management System. pau wrap® FJC is regularly audited and certified by:

  • TÜV Octagon
  • ISO 9001
  • Client technical specifications and customer audits

For technical specifications: