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Company Highlights

Since the early 1990’s, TDC International (TDC) has built an honest and reputable brand focused on the development and use of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP). Over the years we have grown into a composite expert, fabricating specialty products and various pipeline protection solutions. With a strong foothold in Germany where TDC was initially established as TDC Technical Duroplastic Constructions GmbH (TDC GmbH), we are now active internationally, introducing our solutions to the rest of the world.

1990 – 1999

TDC’s roots originated as a division of a larger construction company in the Eastern part of Germany, producing GRP products for the construction industry. GRP has historically been a well-known technology and widely used material, especially in Eastern Germany.

The company started protecting steel pipes for the gas and utilities industry, during the late 1990’s.

2000 – 2015

TDC’s flagship group of products for pipeline coating and protection was trademarked as pau wrap® in 2000 – an important milestone for TDC. In 2002, the GRP division separated from the larger construction group and TDC GmbH was established as a separate independent company based in Trollenhagen (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), Germany. TDC developed into a full-fledged fibre-based composite manufacturer, particularly specialising in the field of mechanical protection and outer coating of steel pipelines. All other activities for industrial applications and moulding continued to be part of the business operations.

As the company continued to grow, in conjunction, the production plant gradually expanded.

2016 – 2019

2016 was transformative for the company when as part of a management- and ownership-succession, TDC GmbH was taken over by TDC International AG (Switzerland), forming the current TDC International group. With headquarters moving to Lucerne, Switzerland and the production facility remaining in northeast Germany, the goal was to bring the pau wrap® pipeline protection products to the international market.

During this period, a rail facility in close proximity to TDC’s production site was re-utilised to enhance the supply chain capabilities of the factory, including flexible transportation options and increased storage capacity for pipes.

TDC also upgraded its Quality Management System to ISO 9001:2015 and the in-house testing and product development laboratory was drastically enhanced. Additional investments were made in this aspect.

Expansion of TDC’s production facility continued in 2019, which consisted of a reconfiguration and modernisation of the manufacturing equipment, increasing the size of the production building, and revamping the logistics operations onsite.

TDC’s line pipe coating and field joint protection products achieved the Octagon certification by TÜV.

2020 – Present

TDC launched a entirely new product line called pau line®, which is primarily used for the sewage and wastewater industry. This new production line allows TDC to manufacture pipes and moulds of various sizes and dimensions constructed fully out of composite materials.

New pau wrap® products have been developed and launched in cooperation with our key customers. Our customer reach and project track record is truly European now.

To support TDC’s growing European activities as well as underline our focus on sustainability, further investments into rail and storage logistics are made. We have opened our own rail transloading station next to the German factory in 2024.

After almost three decades in the pipeline and related infrastructure industries, TDC’s team has been steadily expanding, ensuring continuous development and innovations of our engineered solutions and high quality production capabilities.

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