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Pipe Coatings

TDCI pipe coating products (pau wrap®) offer a robust protection system for the installation and construction of underground pipelines, where trenchless methods are involved such as horizontal directional drilling, direct pipe, and micro-tunnelling.

pau wrap® offers extreme protection to abrasion, corrosion, temperature, physical force and chemicals. Our coating products have been used for pipelines transporting oil and gas, various chemicals, refined petroleum products, water and wastewater. Our pipe coatings can withstand harsh underground geological conditions and are especially suitable for hard rock formations, such as granite, gravel, quartzite, etc.

TDCI offers the complete coating solution for pipe coatings including welding seam coating at the job site by the TDCI team or TDCI certified contractors.

TDCI’s pipeline coating products provide high quality, reliable protection to pipelines already during the construction phase, therefore help pipeline owners to meet exceedingly stringent environmental requirements and to extend the life of the pipeline.

Storage, process, transportation GRP tanks and linings

We provide storage solutions to meet all industries’ needs, with a variety of tailor-made GRP storage and process tanks. Key advantages are low weight, corrosion-resistance and long service life combined with low-cost maintenance.

Our product usages span from low-pressure truck-mounted agricultural tanks to industrial tanks for chemical or petroleum product storage.

Depending on the requirements of our customers and the dedicated usages of the tanks, we assist our customers with both the design and engineering of the final product, considering the medium (e.g. corrosion resistance), operating temperatures (e.g. insulation and heat tracing) and other relevant operating or storage conditions.

Some of the storage tanks made by TDCI are used for containment of agricultural water and wastes, while other types of tanks are built to last in harsh environment against salt and acid corrosion under high temperature. Our engineering team can design these products to any specifications envisaged by our customers.

Industrial basins and storage tanks

We provide GRP-based linings for first installation or rehabilitation of large industrial basins or other storage areas, such as large liquid material storage tanks.

Besides the advantages of corrosion-resistance and long service life, TDCI’s GRP-based lining solutions can be engineered to offer abrasion protection and structural strengthening of the basin / storage area.

TDCI also offers GRP-covers for industrial basins, which are light-weight and flexible in installation. TDC designs and engineers the covers together with the customer, taking into consideration the medium stored in the basin (e.g. corrosion resistance), the operating conditions (e.g. temperature), access requirements (e.g. maintenance man-holes, sliding covers), etc.

TDCI produces the linings and covers in-house and installs the structure at the customer’s site. Some of the basins and covers made by TDCI are in waste water treatment, water storage and chemical processing.


TDCI produces moulded parts that are light in weight, as well as being corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. The parts are extremely durable with a long service life, thus considerably reducing maintenance costs. They save time and money in the long term. We use state-of-the-art technology for fast, low-cost production of individual, dimensionally accurate GRP moulded parts.

Some of our range of typical moulding products include: highway safety impact barriers, pipe elbows, joints, reducers, branches, flanges, etc.

Special Construction

We manufacture special construction products catering to the specific needs of our customers.

Because these projects are especially tailored, we provide engineering and design advice to our customers, working alongside their internal teams to jointly come up with the products which fit their demand and criteria.

We help our customer solve unique issues they are faced with, and actively make suggestions of possible solutions, which are optimal from an engineering perspective and economically viable. Some of the special construction projects in the past include: industrial funnels, gratings, special chemical tank covers, etc.