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During the upcoming 34th Oldenburger Rohrleitungsforum, Stefan Wittke, TDC’s Sales manager will be presenting his paper entitled , The requirements for an additional glass fibre reinforced pipe and field joint surface coating to cover the corrosion protection layer of the pipe for the trenchless installation process.

The presentation will discuss the fact that glass fibre reinforced plastic has been used since more than 20 years as surface protection for pipes for the trenchless installation method in Germany. Due to the forces during the installation, the corrosion protection layer needs to be covered by a high-quality protection layer – this layer will protect the pipe. Stefan Wittke will highlight that the combination with the pau wrap® field joint coating the pipes receive a homogeneous, high-strength, closed coating which protects the pipeline during pull in process into the borehole.

The paper further discusses the requirements for an additional GRP coating and shows the possibilities of the test procedure in different stages.

Interested? Don’t miss out. The paper will be presented Thursday, February 13th at 09:00 am at the lecture block 4 Trenchless technologies (room E 22). We look forward to seeing you there!