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In September 2019, TDC International was awarded the mechanical protection of approximately 5km for the Baltic Pipe project. The Baltic Pipe project aims at linking Norwegian gas supply and Eastern European gas demand, while helping to control Danish gas transmission costs. Connecting the European gas markets will have various benefits, including:

  • Increasing the security of supply and gas market competition in Poland
  • Direct access to new Central and Eastern European markets for Norway
  • Maintaining low gas transmission tariffs as national Danish gas production and consumption drops
  • Supporting the goal of an EU Energy Union

The Baltic Pipe is working with experts in various fields to ensure the highest quality possible and perfect execution. TDC International was selected to protect specific sections of the pipeline that will be installed with different trenchless technologies.

The first delivery of pipes arrived by train at our factory in Germany for coating in early November. All pipes have been coated with TDC’s standard 5 mm pau wrap® GRP pipe protection system.

We enjoy being part of such an exciting project and look forward to a continuation of our successful collaboration with all key stakeholders in this project.