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In addition to our pipe coating solutions and field joints, we provide storage solutions to meet all industries’ needs. With a variety of tailor-made GRP storage and process tanks, we can provide our clients with innovative solutions that meet their needs. The key advantage of using GRP is the low weight, corrosion-resistance and long service life combined with low-cost maintenance.

Our product usages span from low-pressure truck-mounted agricultural tanks to industrial tanks for chemical or petroleum product storage.

Depending on the requirements of our clients and the use of the tanks, we can assist with both the design and engineering of the final product. As experts in the field, we take various factors into consideration including the medium (e.g. corrosion resistance), operating temperatures (e.g. insulation and heat tracing) and other relevant operating or storage conditions.

The storage tanks made by TDC International can be used for various reasons, from agricultural water and wastes to tanks built to last in harsh environment such as salt and acid corrosion. Our experienced engineering team can design these products to any specifications envisaged by our clients.

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