Our Range of Services

The TDC International team has long-standing experience in design, development and engineering of solutions to meet client requirements. Our services range from assisting in the early design and planning stages to project execution and implementation.

Our engineering team has a customer-focused approach and uses state-of-the-art CAD (Computer Assisted Design) tools to ensure quality planning and project preparation. We work closely with our suppliers to develop the solutions our clients require.

In our fully-equipped in-house laboratory we perform all required quality tests, which are protocolled as part of the production process in accordance with ISO 9001. Our production team has long-standing job-site experience to deliver quality craftsmanship, ensuring consistent quality and providing direct on-site involvement, as required.

Our services ensure that our product is consistent, reliable and applied efficiently and to the highest international standards. In order to keep our promise to our clients, we provide the complete service, executed by our highly-skilled technical engineering team and certified staff.

We don’t just provide the product. We deliver a complete service – from beginning to end.

Wolf SchraderSales Manager at TDC International

How We Work

Our Capabilities

  • Technology expertise in glass fibre reinforced applications, in particular for mechanical protection of pipelines
  • Project management including logistics services
  • Design and engineering of products tailored to client requirements
  • Rigorous quality management
  • Large production capacity in controlled factory environment
  • Mobile field teams for flexible application at the construction site
  • Continuous research & development to enhance customer solutions

Our Workflow

By working with TDC International and using our 360° service, you have more control over the end-result. Our highly qualified staff knows how to work in various circumstances and can ensure that the life cycle of your product is increased and the impact on the environment is reduced – which is one of our core values.

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