Client: Indufer AG – Engineering
Transported Medium: Natural gas
Date: July 2014
Location: Mendrisio, Ticino, Switzerland
Total length coated: 320 m
Pipe size: DN 300
Pipes coated: 14
Field joints coated: 14

Highway crossings are always a challenging setting. The installation has to be undertaken without any interruption to the traffic and focus on longevity of the pipeline is paramount in order to ensure a safe operation in the future. During the process of this project, TDC coated 320-meter natural gas DN 300 pipeline installation, including field joints. Of course, these were coated with a customised pau wrap® to ensure long-term reliability.

Due to the abrasive geology and hard rock conditions mixed with gravel, TDC was approached by the engineering firm Indufer AG. We were asked to apply TDC’s mechanical protection coating pau wrap® (10 mm customised pau wrap® including DENSO anti-corrosion layer). pau wrap® is known to provide reliable mechanical protection to pipelines in order to meet exceedingly stringent environmental requirements and to extend the life of the pipeline.

There were previous attempts to install the pipe, resulting in damage to the corrosion coating and steel pipe, which lead to a complete removal and replacement of the pipes. Due to the densely populated region and the highway, one of the major North-South traffic routes within Switzerland, there was great importance to the safety and longevity of the project. TDC completed the project successful in early July 2014 and passed all safety and technical tests on-site. There were no damages from the hard rock environment, and the pipes were installed without damage.

Update: April 2019