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According to a recent industry study carried out by the Drilling Contractors Association (Europe) from 2005 to 2016, more than 32% of trenchless crossings longer than 500m using 3-layer PE or PP coating, failed the electrical insulation test. One-third of these then also failed the cathodic protection polarization test. If such failures occure, expensive corrective measures are required: either in the form of ongoing protection of the steel pipe from corrosion through cathodic protection or in the most extreme cases the replacement of the already installed pipeline part, resulting in significant delays and additional costs.

Since the early 2000s, leading pipeline construction companies in Northern Europe have been using specific mechanical protection systems to eliminate such coating failure risks.

Thanks to its versatility, excellent performance and track record, TDC’s pau wrap® system has become the leading mechanical protection solution for ensuring the integrity of steel pipelines and their anticorrosion layers in the most demanding geologies and complex trenchless crossings.

Read the article in Italian here to learn about how the pau wrap® system assists companies in eliminating coating failures during trenchless installations.