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TDCI pipe coating products (pau wrap®) offer a robust protection system for the installation and construction of underground pipelines, where trenchless methods are involved such as horizontal directional drilling, direct pipe, and micro-tunnelling.

pau wrap® offers extreme protection to abrasion, corrosion, temperature, physical force and chemicals. Our coating products have been used for pipelines transporting oil and gas, various chemicals, refined petroleum products, water and wastewater. Our pipe coatings can withstand harsh underground geological conditions and are especially suitable for hard rock formations, such as granite, gravel, quartzite, etc.

TDCI offers the complete coating solution for pipe coatings including welding seam coating at the job site by the TDCI team or TDCI certified contractors.

TDCI’s pipeline coating products provide high quality, reliable protection to pipelines already during the construction phase, therefore help pipeline owners to meet exceedingly stringent environmental requirements and to extend the life of the pipeline.