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The section where two pipes meet and are welded together is the welding joint (also known as the field joint). Especially during the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) process or with other trenchless pipeline installation methods, the field joint is often the most vulnerable part in any pipeline installation and is likely the most easily overlooked aspect of the total coating system.

TDCI’s integrated pipe coating system approach, pau wrap®, enables a homogenous outer coating of consistently high mechanical resistance and can be considered as an anti-abrasion layer to protect both the underlying steel as well as the anti-corrosion coating layer. The pau wrap® product range provides the same performance for the pipe as for the field joints.

The uniquely developed pau wrap® field joint coating materials can provide a robust, reliable protection, irrespective of the factory pipe coating; however, it can work even better ideally with a homogeneous application using our pau wrap® factory pipe coating.  Using the same exact outer coating system can further guarantee the integrity of the pipe coating and ensure the protection of the entire pipeline.

For the anti-corrosion protection layer of the field joints, we offer a full range of options, which we have continuously developed and proven over the years. These include PE, PP, PU or FBE -based product solutions. Every corrosion-protection product is fully tested and certified in accordance with our Quality Management System prior to application.

Our team is extremely seasoned and qualified in this application. We have successfully completed many projects onsite at job locations and offer all types of field joint coating-related services from sand blasting, to application of underlying corrosion protection products, and the application of our pau wrap® coating as the ultimate top layer. Not only do we have experience in the application of our proprietary coating, our team also has mastered the application of other underlying coatings.

TDCI’s pau wrap® pipeline coating products provide high quality, reliable protection of pipelines through the entire logistics handling to the pipeline construction phase. Using our customisable pau wrap® product range for both the pipes as well as the field joints enables our customers to minimize the possibilities of repairing, rehabilitating, or worst case, replacing a pipeline in the near future.

pau wrap®: We endeavor to protect the values of your assets.