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Client (Pipe coating): ArcelorMittal Stahlhandel GmbH
Client (Field joint coating): 
Brochier Rohrleitungsbau Nürnberg GmbH
Project Owner: HWS Hallesche Wasser und Stadtwirtschaft GmbH
Date: April-May 2018
Location: Halle, Germany
Transported medium: Drinking water
Pipe size: DN 700
Total length coated: 1071 meters
Total number of pipes coated: 80 pipes
Total number of welding seams coated: 79 welding seams

During a flood in 2013, the pipeline that supplies water to about 70,000 people in Halle-Neustadt and parts of the western Saalekreis was greatly damaged resulting in a new pipeline having to be constructed. Because part of the pipeline was passing through the natural reserve Passendorfer Wiesen, Stadtwerke Halle decided to use a more environmentally friendly method – the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method – for that part of the project and the other part was decided to be open trench. For the HDD section, the borehole supported with a clay suspension was drilled at a depth of 25 meters and passes under the Saale River, the Passendorf meadows and the rowing channel without disturbing them.

TDCI was chosen by Brochier to coat about 1070 meters out of the 2000 meters of the DN 700 pipeline with the standard 5mm pau wrap®, which included the HDD section, to protect it from damage during construction. In total, during April and May 2018, TDCI coated 80 pipes in the factory and 79 welding seams on-site for the drinking water pipeline project.

Peter Theuerkorn from the municipal utility subsidiary HWS said in an interview, “Incidentally, this construction of the drinking water pipeline in Halle using the horizontal flush drilling method is the longest borehole of this dimension in Europe to date.”

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